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Post-Surgery Recovery Nurse Services in Miami, FL

Post-Surgery Recovery Nurse Services in Miami, FL

If you’re planning for surgery, it’s equally important to plan for your post-surgery recovery. WebMD offers insights into eight common mistakes people make in their recovery. Our expert nurses at Mazal in Miami, FL, want to help you avoid those pitfalls and ensure a full recovery. Here are some tips on How To Have a Smooth Recovery: Post-Surgery Recovery Nurse Services in Miami, FL.

Before We Begin: Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

It’s important in your recovery that you follow your doctor’s instructions both in taking medication, in the amount of rest that you need, in dietary restrictions, and in your activity levels. With each of these steps, keep in mind your doctor’s instructions for recovery and adjust our suggestions according to your doctor’s recommendations. This includes adding any particular exercises that your doctor has recommended.

Give Your Body Time to Heal

One of the biggest mistakes people make in recovery is not giving their bodies time to heal. They begin driving too soon (sometimes from the hospital!). They go back to work too soon. Don’t do these things. Rest and let your body have the time it needs to rebuild injured tissue and heal from your surgery. 

Don’t Stay in Bed Too Much

While rest is essential, please don’t overdo it. Staying immobile too long can lead to bed sores, blood clots, and other complications. Once you can do so, begin moving slowly. Even if you only step in to go to the bathroom, you still get out of bed, move, and help your body circulate blood. This light movement will also help you in the healing process. Don’t overdo it, have someone help you move, especially if you’re on pain medication, and go slowly. 

Line Up Help 

Make sure before surgery that you have help once you’re out. Between family members and a professional recovery nurse, you want to ensure that someone is always available to help you with medications, food preparations, cleaning, kids and pets if you have them, and moving around once you’re able to be mobile. 

You especially want to ensure you have someone to get you home after your surgery. 

Post-Surgery Recovery Nurse Helping A Senior

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Depending on the type of surgery you had, eating may be difficult. Your doctor will give you post-recovery diet instructions. Follow them, making sure that the foods you choose include the nutrients you need. As you are able, add other foods that will help your body get the proteins, carbs, and, yes, healthy fats that it will need for a good recovery. Also, ensure that you drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine while you recover. 

Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Doctor with Concerns

When you’re recovering from surgery, no worry is silly. Call your doctor or on-call nurse if you’re concerned about pain, fever, bleeding, or spotting smells from your wound area or anything else that raises the alarm for you. It’s better to call your doctor and find out everything is okay than not to call your doctor and develop an infection or worse. If you have a private in-home nurse assisting you, bring up concerns with them immediately. They can address many concerns immediately and call your doctor for anything serious or complicating your recovery. 

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